Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google Earth

On Wednesday the extension group went on google earth and it was amazing and fun because we got to go to all different kinds of countries I went on America and it had these blue squares we could click on and what would appear was photos of the place. 

Then we found out you could click on street view and you had to type your address and you can see your house but I couldn't see my house because I live down a hill but It was a lot fun and I was really happy I could see America because I wanted to go there.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Google Earth

It was the day I came to extension and Mrs Tele'a showed us google earth and her and Mr Burt made a quick movie to show us how it worked so it is like doing a presentation on a restaurant
but doing it on a digital map because you can zoom in and out. To be Continued....

My Family

My name is Seini-Mino and I am going to talk about my family. In my family I have a Dad and hisname is Sam, he works at a construction site. My Mum, her name is Soana and she is the Tamaki Collage Principal. My big brother goes to university, he does engineering his name is Havea..My other big brother is at Tamaki Collage his name is Paul and my big sister goes to Pt England her name is Sela. My Grandparents they really know the Tongan way but my mum's dad died in a plane crash. My mum was really sad when she heard that but she still has her mum. I think my Grandpa was strong and healthy and my Grandma is fit and healthy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It was the day that Miss Tele'a came in to say who was going to be in extension so she said the names and I was nervous because I really wanted to be in extension then she said the names the 
names were Angela Toreka,Joshua,Erene,Selena,Cruz,Mubbashira I thought I would never make it in to extension .But one week later Angela was looking for me to tell me I was going to be in extension I was surprised so that was it.