Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Immersion Assembly

"Whats that smell?" I said to myself as we were entering the hall for immersion assembly on the first day of Term Four. Ahhh it was Chicken wings and Sausages. "What a crazy idea" I thought to myself . I finally found out why they were cooking Sausages and Chicken Wings. The topic was Food Glorious Food. As I turned around I found out that Toreka had a Sausage I felt really hungry.

Some Mexican people came up on to the stage moving around around and shaking to some Mexican music. I realized who they were it was team three. They made me want to dance. "YUM" as I was chewing on a corn chip with some dipping from Ms Garden which was wearing a sombrero. "Yay" they brought up a pinata "I'd love to watch this" I said . As soon as they started hitting the pinata I started to laugh so hard my stomach was getting sore.

Peace and quiet as Ms Squires came up wearing a gee holding a Japanese pot with some patterns . Wow I was surprised because none of the other teachers weren't dressed like Ms Squires. It was like I was in a magical world of tea.

We just ran out of time to give out the Chicken Wings it was like a bomb was going to explode but it didn't. Hooray assembly was over and we got to learn about our new topic Food Glorious Food. I had wonderful day.
By Seini-Mino

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

School Sweet School

I took a deep breath in as I was entering school. Well off I went to see if things were still the same they all looked exactly the same. I was really surprised because of our new topic Food Glorious Food.

I set of to class and met my class mates we talked for a while and finally Ms Squires came and opened the door to the classroom. I couldn't believe it.It was exactly the same too. I asked Ms Squires do we have to wear our hats my friends then said "NO". I actually liked wearing hats but it made your head itchy that was the only thing I hated about hats well we wore bucket hats.

I just felt like moving around and jumping because I was so happy I squeezed my friends arm. I felt energetic,happy also.

I had a nice first day at Point England School.
By Seini-Mino