Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back Then!

In the 19th century ,Alexandra Graham Bell and Elisha Grey, created the telephone, It was a device that could transmit someones speech electronically. Now we have an easier way to use telephones, The style has changed in nearly every way, Some telephones are even wireless! They now have numbers that are easy to access. As years passed the telephone improved and got better and better! Nowadays phones are nearly everywhere, like there is payphones, cellphones(you can use to message and call people) and telephones. All of the phones wouldn't be created today if Alexandra Graham Bell and Elisha Grey hadn’t created the phone from the 19th century. ( To the Left is Elisha Grey and to the right is Alexandra Graham Bell)


  1. What an informative piece of writing Seini-Mino! I am proud of you! Mum

  2. I found this most informative Seini, what would we do without communication - i.e. the phones. Keep up your wonderful writing Glynis

  3. I'm wondering what they might look like in another 10 years time! What do you think?
    Mrs Nua


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