Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Day of Term 3

I liked the last day of term three. It was fun because me Toreka, Mubasshira and Aidan got to clean up the classroom and had to help Ms Squires finish the food. We stayed there all lunch time we also told jokes and we laughed so hard our stomachs were starting to hurt well only some of us like Toreka I made her laugh all the time. I was amazed because everyday at the end of the term Ms Squires had to stay at school and clean up the classroom. We were are a pretty good help. "Ring" the bell went and we were sad because we thought we had finished but we hadn't. We had to wipe around the computers . I really liked the last day of term three. By Seini-Mino

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Mixed Story Of Koalas & My Mum

Koalas are my favourite animal I have never seen them up close but I would love to. I have liked Koalas ever since I was five my mum use to buy me little Koalas but they were just play toys. The toys my mum brought me made me happy when I was sad. Me and my mum use to play little games about the Koala. Those times have changed I still like my mum for who she is. Thank you for listening. By Seini-Mino Thank you to these websites for the photos

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Typing Madness

Hello Today I am talking about a website were you can learn to type. It tells you were to put your hands and were the home keys are. It is Called Dance Mat Typing. It is a interesting website I really like the animmals that are all dressed up. You may click on the highlighted word to go there. Dance Mat Typing. Thank you for listening By Seini-Mino

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Third Pic-Lit

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The dog is left alone with no shelter and he go's to sleep with no owner and he knows he is lonley

My Best Month

March is my best month because my birthday is in it and because it is Autumn and Autumn has a bit of Spring and Winter. I get to celebrate lots of birthdays too because my family's birthdays are in March to.

My Second Favourite Book

Hello today I am talking about my second favourite book. It is kind of like my favourite book. It is written by the same author and illustrator. I think it is really interesting because it tells you some of the things that happened to the Egyptians. Its funny to.
By Seini-Mino
Thank You to this website for the photo

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When I was Little

Hello I remember when I was little I was a little cheeky and I use to have little smiles. I use to tease and I was quiet until now I am loud. I was unknowing and I liked technology to. I couldn't draw well Toreka taught me how to draw when I went to daycare after school. The photo above is me when I was problaly 6 or 7.
By Seini-Mino

My Second Piclit

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The little baby white seal lays down on the cold chilly ice
knowing it is comfortable.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My PicLit

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The light shines in to the dark anciet room and the room has been awaken by the light that shines bright. By Seini-Mino

My Favourite Book

Hello my favourite book is Horrible Histories Knights handbook they are really interesting but some are gruesome. The author is Terry Deary and is illustrated by Martin Brown .This book is really funny to me I like it how this book tells jokes. It also tells you about what happened when knights went to war. I think ages 9 and up should read this book.
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By Seini-Mino

Lightly Rose Part 2

Lightly Rose set of for her journey at dawn in a strange town. She met a lady in a cloak and when she said "Hello" she felt a tingly sensation on her ankle. The lady said kindly would you like me to take you through our town. Lightly Rose made it though the town and asked would you want to come with me on my journey to find my mum the lady replied that would be very nice. After a few years later they had gone everywhere in the whole world. Lightly Rose was shocked her mum was no where. The lady had never seen Lightly Roses face until she took her cloak off and revealed herself to Lightly Rose she saw Lightly Roses eyes they were yellow exactly like her eyes were. The lady had a fuzzy sensation on her foot. Then she noticed Lightly Rose from all those years ago she left her with the king and queen . Then the lady said what is your name Lightly Rose she said. The lady said I have a confession to make I am your mum Lightly Rose. She was so happy she did not even notice she was travelling with her mum.