Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What am I?

During Extension today we played 'What am I?', before you played the game someone had to stick a piece of paper to your forehead so the aim of the was to guess what the other person had stuck to their forehead, but they had to ask you questions... I had stuck to my forehead the career-Model.

There are different kinds of Models, Male, Female, Car, 3D and many more.
Male and female models work in any condition, they also have to be fit and on a balanced diet.
3D models can be created by using the power of Geometry .
There is all sorts of Models around the word, some are not known, and some are well known.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Duffy Theatre

Everyday I’m Scruffyiiiing”, Duffy’s younger brother Scruffy sang as he did the shuffle. “Duffy come and play some rugby with me”, he pleaded. Duffy replied, “Scruffy wait 5 more minutes.” “Okay, Scruffy said, “I’ll wait 5 minutes.” But instead of showing 5 with his hands he had shown 3. He sprinted away eagerly.  
Minutes  passed and Scruffy scrambled over the fence, demanding that they go play some rugby. ”But Scruffy I’m reading the best book in the world can you wait please,” Duffy replied. In disappointment Scruffy stormed off.

Scruffy came back again, and this time he said he had bought Piri Weepu along, but it was just an imaginary Piri - a trick to get Duffy to come and play with him. Everyone else had left Scruffy  so he wanted Duffy to come join him. In determination to convince Duffy he moaned, he pleaded, and he even disguised his voice as Piri Weepu.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Mihi

Recently in Extension we have been working on our Visual Mihimihi, here is my finish product. In my Mihimihi are symbols that are important to me.

The first symbol represents my family and how we are Christian. The second one shows that I am in to art, my ambition is to be an artist and travel the world, one day. I also like music, I love to listen to old and new. Sports plays a role in my life as well, I like to play Rugby,Soccer,Touch and Volleyball, but I hope this year my list of sports will extend.

If you would like to see my Mihimihi on Flickr click here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Personal Goals

Here is my personal goals I want to achieve this this year, and the goals I was most proud of last year

Friday, February 17, 2012


Tears of misery ran down her rosy red cheeks. Hunched over, her tears dropped to the ground like rain from the sky. As she blew her nose her sister was looking at her, but her hair hid her face.


Assuming it would be private Lucy clicked ‘Post’ thinking it would be private to only her and her friends .Moments later she felt hysterical, perhaps I should delete it, so she did , Everyone at school saw it. In vain she tried and tried to take down the photo off the school walls,but without realising it until now, she had been ashamed of her own doing.

Later that day she went on the Internet...she shed tears of misery & distress.Now, mortified she didn’t know what to do now. She went back to school,”UGLY”, was the first thing she heard.
Holding back all those tears was tough. She kept on saying to herself,”Life is Tough”.

Being Cybersaftey

Posting on the Internet is a danger. It is important we think before we post, because too often these days people disregard the dangers that are out there.

There can be serious ramifications if we, post pictures without being careful, because someone could just come and take a screenshot of your picture and send it to everyone they know and then it goes viral. The one thing that happens most of time is that, people think they can trust their friends by sending photos to them, but think again, it goes viral the next day.

Privacy is just a word on the Internet, you cant trust the the word private. The public could see all your photos and you don't even know. That's why it is essential to be careful on the Internet at all times.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Day At The Beach

My teeth were chattering together as I was walking along the sandy beach, The sun slowly disappeared as clouds gathered together . Sky turned dim . A gush of wind swooped by me,”the element of surprise”, I mumbled. Wrapping a warm blanket around me, I grinned.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Am...

I am a dreamer
an artist is where I’ll be, drawing what I see

I am another dreamer of Rugby
progress has been made

I am a DVD collector
46 films to be exact

I am a confident person
speaking my mind

I am a Sister
youngest of four

I am a fan of Music
listening to Old and New

I am a fan of Myths,Legends and Fables
reading them is in my hobbies

I am a Tongan
proud to be a part of the Tongan heritage and also the ancestors of mine that came from England

I am a fan of Chocolate
I like to eat imported chocolate, like chocolate from England

I am a fan of cooking
I like to cook all sorts of things