Friday, September 24, 2010

Indian Fiafia

Fiafia night was awesome! I was in the Indian group and our dance was great,I felt nervous at first, but when I got on stage I felt calm and relaxed and when the music had started to play and we had did our first move the crowd started too cheer . It was a wonderful feeling too be up on stage and dancing.

I my dancing group was Mubasshira, Ala , Sylvia, Toreka and me. Mubasshira was our dancing teacher and she is only a year 6 at Point England School. we added some of the moves and Mubasshira did the rest.

I had a lot fun learning and preforming the dance!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is my animation, in this animation it will show rooms and parts of the Titanic and more. Hopefully you will enjoy watching this movie I have made.

By Seini-Mino

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cross Country

It was an ordinary Wednesday morning and as usual I walked in to school. But today was no ordinary day, today was Cross Country . This came unexpectedly. I was shocked, but luckily I had come prepared for this day because I've been coming prepared for three days already!

"This is a shambles", I murmured, nerves had started to come unexpectedly as the race was about to start. After that I said to myself "I can do this", soon I felt confident.

I stood up. My heart was pounding, I thought I had conquered all these nerves. Well theres no turning back now, I said.

BANG ,all the other girls took off with a burst of speed, but I had not, I was coming last, but that didnt matter because I was jogging, at that momment I realised my friends were behind me so I wasnt coming last.

My heart was pounding wildy, as I was exhausted. I was near halfway , me and my friends were still jogging because we wanted to save up energy for the finish line. I was desperate to cap,e up in the top ten but at this rate I dont think I am going to make it.While I was jogging I had noticed that there were alot of girls behind me because they all sprinted at the start.
I could feel the sticky mud rubbing between my toes.

Finally the finish line was in sight. I had gone through the playground, "i'm nearly there ", I said to myself, the finish line I had gathererd mommentum for the last sprint. Now was the time to use it.

The multitude seemed to get louder and louder by the minute. I closed my eyes when I crossed the finish line. I had crossed the finish line. I had opened my eyes and my friend Sylvia tapped me on the shoulder and said that we had come the 9th equal.

"At last", I shouted at the top of my lungs I had come up in the top 10 for my very first time in Cross Country. I was very proud and tierd at the same time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Some birds can fly high up in the air-kiwis can’t. Most birds are beautifully bright coloured-but Kiwi’s aren’t. There’s even a bird that can swim in the icy cold water down in Antartica-Kiwi’s wouldn’t even do that.

It’s not that they’re all big or they’re really small. The littlest kiwi is called the Little Spotted Kiwi. Only 1350 are in on Kapati Island. This species is smaller than a normal rugby ball.

The average size is only about the size of a normal size rugby ball. But these Kiwis can be really big. The Great Spotted Kiwi is the biggest kiwi of all and its 45 centimeters and there are over 22,000 Great White Kiwis in the whole of New Zealand.

I suppose you wouldn’t call them beautiful or dazzling. Their color is very dull and plain brown, and they’ve even got rough skin, while lots of them have the most ridiculous 20cm bill that sticks out in the front of their body. Imagine giving them a Hongi!

Most people think that Kiwi’s have no wings. They do! If you look underneath their brown plain plumage you will find their wings.Their wings are the size of your PINKY! Can you believe it?

Kiwis have a nice sense of smell. They can also put the tip of their beck which is there nose, three centimeters down in to the ground and smell worms and insects. they then grab their prey from underground, and eat it.

How could you possibly resist a, big fat,nocturnal,plain, plumaged, ugly looking, flightless bird?

If Kiwi’s aren’t cool, Then I don’t know what is?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well this picture was taken way back in 2006 (I think!) well if you look closely I am at the back holding my jumper while everybody is taking a picture and smiling. I was at the back all sad, because I got told off by a teacher for doing something, I don't remember what for. All my friends were in that photo, but I didn't know them back then. I was even too shy to talk to them.

Well we were there because we were on a trip that was called the Art Alive Tour. Whenever I look at this photo, it brings back memories. This photo was taken four years ago. Wow that sounds like a long time ago.

I found this picture on 2006 achrives room six.