Friday, September 28, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

Here is a presentation about Tommy Kapai Wilson, Me, Lesley and Sylvia were assigned to do.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Olympic Day

“ARGENTINA”, I heard the people roar. To my sight I saw a sea of multi-coloured t-shirts. A procession was held in honour of this event.  Chanting and cheering filled my ears,”GO MEXICO!”. Everyone was truly hyped for what we had planned for today. We had a rotation of various activities.

First up was volleyball, not just any volleyball though. The number 1 rule was that you had to be seated at all times, it sounded quite hard . My team did pretty well seeing it was their first time. I had to be the umpire since I was the leader of Mexico.

Everyone tried their best to resist getting off their bottoms. As the umpire I saw a few sneaky tricks. Watching my own team lose, I predicted they would come back and score. My prediction was correct, with the points tied at 9, it was that one extra point that would make a difference. "C'mon Mexico", I shouted anxiously. The ball was off,it flew up in the air and over the net. It was nail biting momment, but Mexico won the challenge in the end.

Handball. It was quite a challenge playing against Argentina. All I could hear was everyone arguing saying it was a full, double bounce and full carry. My partner was Mubasshira who isn’t quite the best at handball, but I desperately was in need of a partner.

We were up and it was against the boys. I was getting the ball all the time because Mubasshira didn’t even attempt to get the ball, trying my best we were later disqualified for letting the ball go out.

The day was coming to an end, and everyone learnt about how to work together and about teamwork. If you can work in a team you can accomplish many things.

Sports Rotation

Making my way to the hall I was saturated by the pouring blustery rain. With the treacherous weather, I was wondering if the sports event was going to be postponed.  But as usual the show must go on! This was going to be an Olympic themed sports competition.

We were all separated according to our House teams, Takitimu(Yellow), Te Arawa(Red), Tainui(Blue) and Matatua(Green). I was the captain of one of the teams for Takitimu.  

Our first activity was an obstacle course with Miss V. We had to maneuver through the cones whilst kicking a ball, then walk across an unstable chair, under and over some platforms and kick the ball into the goal. Unable to stop laughing, I was falling behind. “Oh No, not the jump!”, I was panicking, because I thought I wouldn’t make it over the platform.  Indeed I did make it over.

Next was Mr Slade with some cyber fitness, which was enjoyable. It was one of the activities were you could relax and have fun. Unlike everybody else I tried to do some of the moves.

The day was filled with fun, laughter and teamwork. We all supported each other throughout the whole day.

Social 2012

“10 minutes left!”, I exclaimed. As I was dressed within the theme(NZ Olympic Sports Team) I was ready to go. Entering the Yr 7 & 8 Social, my eyes widened with fascination, the lights were the center attention of the hall. Running the Social I was accompanied by the other fellow prefects, Selena, Toreka, Sylvia, Joe and Samson.

The night was still young and the social had just began. Minutes later the hall was full with music pumping. All around I could see people dancing to the music, under the shimmering lights.  

A popular song request was made after the crowd demanded it. It was no other than the one and only ‘Gangam Style’. As soon as the song played everyone began to get hyped and started dancing.

A dougie was held and as usual only one can win. With the many entries, we lowered it down to two. With the contestants giving it their all, I could see it was a tough competition. The winner was declared...Nezinli(boy).

But as usual everything must come to an end. After the social I was asked if there was going to be another social, I smiled with a cheeky grin and walked away.