Friday, May 27, 2011


Right now, at this very moment, 22 people are going hard out for the hungry. Specifically East Timor. I am in the blue team with Ido from Shortland Street. We've just finished watching depressing videos on the 40 hour famine website. This year, New Zealand are aiming to $ 3.15 million for the tribes of East Timor. WE'RE GOING HARD OUT FOR THE HUNGRY!!!

The History of the Mighty but Famous Pen

Lewis Waterman invented the ballpoint pen and Lazlo Biro invented another
type of pen. Well the ink actually stays inside the pen and you don’t have to dip in the ink pot. There is now different kinds of pens all over the world. Also now you can use different kinds of colours as in ink colours. As you can see pens can run out of ink in a period of 7 to 10 years and it can be replaceable, but that would `just be a big waste of time, so you can just go buy another pen worth one dollar and it will last as I say 7 to 10 years! That is one of the WOW factors of pens. The other WOW factor is that today some people still use quills and ink pots. As years passed the pen improved for instance the style has changed the ink has changed the appearance has changed and also the size. The first people to use a type of pen, were Ancient Indians. They used feathers and bamboo sticks and so on. The pen has improved quite a lot since then. Also the first pen was invented in Seville,Spain.
(All this information was gathered by my group, Toreka and Matthew R.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Japanese In Progress

Why hello there, I am blogging about how I learnt how to speak and count in Japanese. So here it goes, on Friday we learnt a little bit of Japanese, here is an example of what we ( my Taonga Time group) were up to.
How to count in Japanese:
Ichi - One
Ni - Two
San -Three
She - Four
Go - Five
Roku - Six
Nana - Seven
Hachi - Eight
Kyu - Nine
Jyu - Ten
How to say my name in Japanese:

Konichiwa watashi no namae wa Seini-Mino, Sayonara.
Hello my name is Seini-Mino, Bye.

Some Basic Words in Japanese:

Konichiwa- Hello
Arigato for reading my post and Sayonara!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh NO...Vaccination

Look at the size of the needle I thought in my mind, I Seini-Mino was going to get vaccinated but I thought the nurse (Sam) was going to put some numbing cream on my arm. She injected the needle in my left arm, “OOOOWWWW”, I was saying very very very quietly with my mouth closed and smiling like I was joyful.

“Ouch”, I moaned, my arm had started gushing blood, I tried so hard not to look at my injection, but hey you cant resist looking at it. That was some real intense pain I thought! I guess Agony had struck me... It was complete distress and misery, well hey it cured a lot of diseases and it also helps.

I felt a little bit lethargic a first, but then Sam sent me to go sit down and watch a movie with everyone else. Trying so hard to sit still, my arm just kept on flailing around. I was just about to go to sleep...until Ala started talking to me, yeah I couldn’t tell her to shoush so I just went a long with it.

Having a good look at the piece of paper I had received, it said I have to leave at 11.46pm and the time was 11.41pm I really wanted to stay behind and watch the movie, but the lady said I have to go. Minutes passed very fast and before I knew it I was saying “Adios amigo's”.

Walking back to class was a nightmare because I was very weary! Nearly tripping over the steps I tried so hard to stand up straight, but I kept on trying and trying and guess what ,I got there in the end!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry Translation... 2 By What?

If you are wondering what this picture is, I'll just tell you now. Here in the photo is basically Geometry... but the twist is that it is Translation, I don't mean translation like Tongan to English, but translation in Geometry. In the photo is a basic shape(diamond) and as you can see I have dragged the blue diamond shape down 2 squares and across 2 squares. It means moving a shape without resizing it, rotating it, flipping it or anything else. So that is Translation! If you don't get it at first, I was like you about half and hour ago, but not anymore, like I know 2 by 6, 3 by 5 and lots more now. I hope this information is very useful. Thank you very much for reading.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back Then!

In the 19th century ,Alexandra Graham Bell and Elisha Grey, created the telephone, It was a device that could transmit someones speech electronically. Now we have an easier way to use telephones, The style has changed in nearly every way, Some telephones are even wireless! They now have numbers that are easy to access. As years passed the telephone improved and got better and better! Nowadays phones are nearly everywhere, like there is payphones, cellphones(you can use to message and call people) and telephones. All of the phones wouldn't be created today if Alexandra Graham Bell and Elisha Grey hadn’t created the phone from the 19th century. ( To the Left is Elisha Grey and to the right is Alexandra Graham Bell)

Destruction In North Shore!

Yesterday on the 3rd of May at 3pm a very fierce tornado came down upon the North Shore, Albany. The start of the massive destruction was absolutely gob smacking, and that was only the start of the viscous tornado! Citizens of the North shore were very shocked, all the fear they could feel was just to much even for the little ones, everyone’s adrenalin was pumping over the limit. From fierce winds and explosive power the mean beast had been released.

The aftermath was just unbelievable, the tornado left the people of North shore absolutely devastated. Only one or two very tragic deaths on that very fateful day. The peoples adrenalin had finally calmed down, but parents still looking for their little ones, and kids looking for their parents they were very worried.