Friday, December 16, 2011

Manaiakalani Trust

In this post I would just like to thank the Manaiakalani Trust for all the money they have raised, for our netbooks, this would not have been possible without them. Having a Trust as special as them is an honour.

Also thanks for all the support and time you have taken to make it possible for us to have our netbooks, one again Thank you Manaiakalani Trust. Most importantly thank you for believing in us, and trusting us.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This week I have been collecting some information about Jupiter.Here in my presentation, is my research on Jupiter.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Netbook has its ups and downs, but having a Netbook helps because, you can access your Google Docs from Home with the Internet Connection provided by the school. Also have easy access to your blog from home and anywhere else in GI, when Free Time comes we have also have access to games on our Netbooks.

As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked, I have had Internet Connection problems twice a week, and problems occur with our Netbook sometimes, like a broken screen, we forget our passwords and we have to upgrade. Also having a Netbook is hard because the Paint application is really harder to draw on then paper and pencil.

I think some of the advantages we have had as young students are using the internet, storing our work on Google Docs with help of the Internet. We can access the net-work from home. Also easier to write ,our hands don't have to get sore anymore.

From time to time I have been in the right place at the right time all this time. The hardest thing is resist temptation, from going on other stuff like games but I can resist. I have learnt many things from being Cyber Smart with my Netbook.

To be honest it really wouldn’t be a problem, because for six years I have been writing with paper and pencil, so I am quite familiar with the process. I would miss my Netbook though, all the advantages I had.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Writing Sample of 2011

Out of no where someone shouted,”Mino, MINO, wake up”, finally I had awoken, in my car, on the way to school. Is it Tennis today, I thought with an unexpected urge to hit a ball. I ran to the courts and there I could see my class heading towards a row of Tennis nets, at that moment I knew, TENNIS LESSONS were TODAY!

“Go grab a racket and a ball and then wait for me to say you can start bouncing your ball ” , Marcell(tutor) said in an very high monotone voice. Hitting the ball up and down didn’t sound like rocket science, this was going to be easy...a few minutes later, nothing was going the way I thought it would, not even by one inch, the ball was being batted everywhere and then I had to go grab the ball and hit it again, this was set on repeat, “THIS...IS...MADNESS!”. I figured that Tennis was actually all about bouncing and hitting the ball so I thought I might as well begin to get use to bouncing the ball PROPERLY.

As another challenge was coming around the corner, I thought I
can’t cope with all these shinanagins. Hitting the ball on the side of the racket was our challenge, later, I thought this IS rocket science. I wanted the lesson to finish already, but as they say time drags when you are not having fun.(and I sure was NOT enjoying myself)

“No its an underarm throw”, my partner Toreka explained. We had to pair up and then practise our serving and batting. Immediately I thought I was doing quite well for an amateur, serving the ball pretty well to Toreka. Just when I had started to make some progress, we were told to stop. I hope we get to play a game next, I thought, and I was right! We were about to play a game called King of the courts, which was practically Tennis.

I was up first, my 20 minutes exercise in endurance was paying off I thought. I have to hit this ball “...’HIT’ the ball went flying...out of the boundary. “ Sometimes its not about winning, its about winning...the next time! I said with a very sinister look in my eyes. In the end though its about participating and having a go, and THAT I certainly did.

Friday, November 4, 2011


This week Mrs Nua(teacher) gave us a task of explaining a word she gave us, so me and my partner Toreka got the word 'COSMOLOGY'.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MI Smarts

Here on is an MI(Multiple Intelligence) As you can see here on the right are my results to the test I took along with room 20.
The highest result I got back was Interpersonal(People Smart) which was quite of a shock for a second, but then I stopped and thought. My results were also shocking because I didn't expect getting quite low results for Visual/ Spatial and Music Smart. As you can see Logical is not a very high smart for me, I don't really like Maths. The only result I predicted that would be low was Logical.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Maths Whizz

This is a picture of where I am at in Maths Whizz.
I haven't been on Maths Whizz lately, but I am trying to be on for 2 hours a day. which I have nearly achieved, also I am trying to boost up my maths age even higher.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Zealand Presentation

Here is my presentation I have made with my partners (Bobbi and Tamara), we studied New Zealand traditions, celebrations, the people, the country and most importantly the team (All Blacks). So here is the finished product!

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Favourite Things

Many raindrops in the world like people you just can’t count. I like blue...very much. Eating is a habbit of mine, but I love to eat when I hear an airplane about to lift off. I listen to my tastebuds when I eat something nice, if coke were as sweet as people, I would drink it almost everyday. Most of all I like as the searing sun settles down . These are a few of my favourite things.

Friday, August 19, 2011


There are 7 cubes altogether in the bucket so The possible chance of getting a yellow is a 2\7 (in a fraction). The possibility of getting a Green cube is 2/7 chance, also for the Blue you have a higher chance of getting it from in the bucket because there are 3 blues and the fraction is 3/7.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This here in the photos I have expressed feelings, of what I feel at school, I did this in a program called Picasa.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beep Test

Yesterday I went outside and participated in my very first beep test, what is a beep test you ask?
Well it tests that tests your level of fitness. So basically you are running up and down 20 metres, but theres a twist, there are levels and rounds for instance there are 7-10 rounds in a level, and there are 20 levels.

I wasn't very pleased with my score on the beep test, my score was 3.2(Level 3, 2rounds) in fact. Quite shocked at how puffed out you could get, to be honest I thought it would be easy, but sadly no. The test was in the middle of easy and hard for me.

In my next beep test I want to get a higher mark, I think I didn't give it my best. So next time I do it I want to get approximately 5.4 , but to do this I need to try harder train harder and cut off the junk food(eg. Mc Donalds and KFC).

Monday, August 1, 2011


As you can see above is the Canadian flag. Well as you all know there is a Maple leaf on the flag it stands for the maple trees of Canada, Maple syrup didn't originate from Canada it was actually the Native Americans who used it first. Though Canada is the largest Producer of the product. That is why the best Maple syrup comes from Canada! Also the colours on the Canadian Flag stand for,
White-Peace and Honesty
Red-Hardness, Bravery , Strength and Valour.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WOW What a Term It Has Been!

This term has been GREAT, my highlight was learning all the cool stuff and hanging out with my friends. Another cool thing that happened this term is ART with Miss M, it was fantastic learning about art. Also my personal goal is to achieve better in Maths.

Next term I am looking forward to learning some new things and looking forward to the NEW topic.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tessellations are pretty easy once you get the hang of it! I have finally made and coloured in my own, I am all sure you know what a Tessellation is by now if you read my previous post, If you havent just click here. So here is my finished product.
Thank you for reading!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Japanese Master in Progress

Japanese Vowels
Japanese Flag
Population: 127,113,333
Name of the Islands: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.
Capital City: Tokoyo
Largest City: Tokoyo

Prominent Landmarks: Mt Fuji, Tokoyo Tower,
Closest Neighbouring Countries: North Korea, South Korea, and China.
Amazing Facts: The sun is red in Japan and the country itself is referred to by Japanese people as "the land of the rising sun"
It will always take one to two hours for a pizza to be delivered.
Never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice, This is an old Japanese custom and is what is done when food is offered to the dead,
When it is not an offering it is considered to be a very ill omen.

How to count to ten in Japanese. Ichi-1 Go-5 Kyu-9 Ne-2 Roku-6 Jyu-10 San-3 Nana-7 She-4 Hachi-8


Konichiwa wa-Hello
Good Evening- Komban wa-
Onamae wa nan desu ka- What is your name?
Ohayoo Gozamasu- Good Morning
Watashi wa (your name) desu- My name is ____________
Boku wa (your name) desu- My name is ______________

Hai- Yes

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Goal for this Term

Here is my movie I made about my goals that I need to improve for this term, and it is MATHS, maths is a bit of struggle for me, but I found the answer to my problem! You can find out the answer in my movie!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Funky Name

Here is my GREAT, but FUNKY name I created in Miss Tito's class. I found these images on the internet to create my name, I had to find cool and creative things to create my name and I chose these things, some are just cool looking letters! So here is my creation.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Right now, at this very moment, 22 people are going hard out for the hungry. Specifically East Timor. I am in the blue team with Ido from Shortland Street. We've just finished watching depressing videos on the 40 hour famine website. This year, New Zealand are aiming to $ 3.15 million for the tribes of East Timor. WE'RE GOING HARD OUT FOR THE HUNGRY!!!

The History of the Mighty but Famous Pen

Lewis Waterman invented the ballpoint pen and Lazlo Biro invented another
type of pen. Well the ink actually stays inside the pen and you don’t have to dip in the ink pot. There is now different kinds of pens all over the world. Also now you can use different kinds of colours as in ink colours. As you can see pens can run out of ink in a period of 7 to 10 years and it can be replaceable, but that would `just be a big waste of time, so you can just go buy another pen worth one dollar and it will last as I say 7 to 10 years! That is one of the WOW factors of pens. The other WOW factor is that today some people still use quills and ink pots. As years passed the pen improved for instance the style has changed the ink has changed the appearance has changed and also the size. The first people to use a type of pen, were Ancient Indians. They used feathers and bamboo sticks and so on. The pen has improved quite a lot since then. Also the first pen was invented in Seville,Spain.
(All this information was gathered by my group, Toreka and Matthew R.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Japanese In Progress

Why hello there, I am blogging about how I learnt how to speak and count in Japanese. So here it goes, on Friday we learnt a little bit of Japanese, here is an example of what we ( my Taonga Time group) were up to.
How to count in Japanese:
Ichi - One
Ni - Two
San -Three
She - Four
Go - Five
Roku - Six
Nana - Seven
Hachi - Eight
Kyu - Nine
Jyu - Ten
How to say my name in Japanese:

Konichiwa watashi no namae wa Seini-Mino, Sayonara.
Hello my name is Seini-Mino, Bye.

Some Basic Words in Japanese:

Konichiwa- Hello
Arigato for reading my post and Sayonara!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh NO...Vaccination

Look at the size of the needle I thought in my mind, I Seini-Mino was going to get vaccinated but I thought the nurse (Sam) was going to put some numbing cream on my arm. She injected the needle in my left arm, “OOOOWWWW”, I was saying very very very quietly with my mouth closed and smiling like I was joyful.

“Ouch”, I moaned, my arm had started gushing blood, I tried so hard not to look at my injection, but hey you cant resist looking at it. That was some real intense pain I thought! I guess Agony had struck me... It was complete distress and misery, well hey it cured a lot of diseases and it also helps.

I felt a little bit lethargic a first, but then Sam sent me to go sit down and watch a movie with everyone else. Trying so hard to sit still, my arm just kept on flailing around. I was just about to go to sleep...until Ala started talking to me, yeah I couldn’t tell her to shoush so I just went a long with it.

Having a good look at the piece of paper I had received, it said I have to leave at 11.46pm and the time was 11.41pm I really wanted to stay behind and watch the movie, but the lady said I have to go. Minutes passed very fast and before I knew it I was saying “Adios amigo's”.

Walking back to class was a nightmare because I was very weary! Nearly tripping over the steps I tried so hard to stand up straight, but I kept on trying and trying and guess what ,I got there in the end!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry Translation... 2 By What?

If you are wondering what this picture is, I'll just tell you now. Here in the photo is basically Geometry... but the twist is that it is Translation, I don't mean translation like Tongan to English, but translation in Geometry. In the photo is a basic shape(diamond) and as you can see I have dragged the blue diamond shape down 2 squares and across 2 squares. It means moving a shape without resizing it, rotating it, flipping it or anything else. So that is Translation! If you don't get it at first, I was like you about half and hour ago, but not anymore, like I know 2 by 6, 3 by 5 and lots more now. I hope this information is very useful. Thank you very much for reading.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back Then!

In the 19th century ,Alexandra Graham Bell and Elisha Grey, created the telephone, It was a device that could transmit someones speech electronically. Now we have an easier way to use telephones, The style has changed in nearly every way, Some telephones are even wireless! They now have numbers that are easy to access. As years passed the telephone improved and got better and better! Nowadays phones are nearly everywhere, like there is payphones, cellphones(you can use to message and call people) and telephones. All of the phones wouldn't be created today if Alexandra Graham Bell and Elisha Grey hadn’t created the phone from the 19th century. ( To the Left is Elisha Grey and to the right is Alexandra Graham Bell)

Destruction In North Shore!

Yesterday on the 3rd of May at 3pm a very fierce tornado came down upon the North Shore, Albany. The start of the massive destruction was absolutely gob smacking, and that was only the start of the viscous tornado! Citizens of the North shore were very shocked, all the fear they could feel was just to much even for the little ones, everyone’s adrenalin was pumping over the limit. From fierce winds and explosive power the mean beast had been released.

The aftermath was just unbelievable, the tornado left the people of North shore absolutely devastated. Only one or two very tragic deaths on that very fateful day. The peoples adrenalin had finally calmed down, but parents still looking for their little ones, and kids looking for their parents they were very worried.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


“We all live in a yellow submarine”, sung Point England school. We were all in the hall waiting anxiously to see if we were going to go to our annual picnic down at the reserve. Finally Mr Burt came and said, “Okay boys and girls lets get ready to go, “ I was full of excitement.

Reaching our destination at last. We had a little korero with Mr Burt and then we were off to find a spot to sit in.” Ahhhh”, sitting down and eating in the hot sun, I had one word to say, “Paradise”,that was a definite highlight. With a stunning view of the sea, it was just wonderful. Thinking to myself about what to do next, play touch, play kicks, make clay mud balls or just sit down and RELAX! I chose to just relax.

Unexpected shivers come down my spine and that was a sign that I was cold, so to warm up I stood up and decided that I should go and play kicks with Selena. It was my turn to kick the ball so I said its time to roll, so here it goes...BOOM the ball was off, it nearly went over the fence. Me and Selena played non-stop kicks it went on for ages, until I got tired and sat down.

As I sat down to eat my lunch I could hear a group of gossipers, and of course gossiping about something. Finally my friends came back and then we became a group of gossipers. As the day ended I was quite tired but I had a GREAT day!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Glee Review

Greetings everyone, This here is my Glee review. It says what I like about the Glee performance we had today in the school hall. I liked how they showed all the different kinds of things that happen in Point England school.

Glee was run by Ms M( Meauliaumaselii ), I think she did a FANTASTIC job. Well done Ms M.
The costumes and the paintings were my favourite parts. Sitting through the performance was an honour. A job WELL DONE Glee!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear Bobbi W
Thank you very much for helping out with the Hangi Prep. We really appreciate all the GREAT help you gave us, also I had a wonderful time gossiping to you while peeling the potatoes. May
God Bless and keep you safe, yours faithfully, Mino
P.S The potatoes tasted FANTASTIC!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Camp TC

Camp TC

“Ohhhh how I love morning runs”, I said sarcastically as I sat down in line ready to run. “Girls you can start to run now”, Mrs Nua said, I wasn't really tired oh well come to think of it I was really tired. I was jogging very slowly, like I didn’t even care. Finally I got to the end . I was so excited but the stink thing was that the group I was in (Carez) were serving breakfast, how could this get any worse I thought to myself. GREAT, Sugar and milk was all over my arms and hands.

Camp was was starting off as a shambles at first, but I thought to myself another three days of this wont hurt me, will it? Oh no whats next Kayaking, at that moment Ms Tito announced ,”Carez your going to Kayaking next”, that was the one thing I did not want to do at camp. Here we go again I thought bad luck was haunting me today.

Feeling the sand in between my toes felt really nice. Getting in to the nice, cold, fresh water made me happy and it felt like bad luck had vanished. I was so surprised to see that there were kayaks for two people. I was so excited to get in to the new kayaks for two people.

It was a bit nerve racking at first because there were two people in the same kayak, Sylvia told me to calm down, so I did. 10 minutes in to kayaking and I was too freaked out I was saying, “ What if we tip in a very deep part, and what if the waves push us beyond the green pole”, I was having a nervous brake down.

“One,two three”, that was the sound of me paddling.I finally calmed down, I found the cure at last. I got the hang of it now, It was very easy now that that I got the hang of it.

We spent about an hour in the water then me and Sylvia went for a little swim. I enjoyed half of that hour.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to Point England School

This is a movie I made which shows what goes on in Point England school. The movie is titled Welcome to PES, this has little snapshots and little movies of what happens around our whole school. We line up which shows courtesy also having assembly every Friday. The Point England Way is being respectful, being honest and showing the little kids the way. Even much much more than this goes on around our school. We be kind, respect others and being helpful, taking charge. This doesn't just help us it helps the community.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little but Spectacular Camp Highlight

My favourite highlight at camp was ‘Rock Up’, they had many activities to do, but the one that stood out to me was the DUNKER because you never knew when you were going to get dunked in to the water. I liked it because it was surprising. It was a bit of a mystery to know weather you fall in. In the end all Rock up was about was having fun a working as a team . I wasn’t really use to the people in my group but I still got a long. Camp was also about learning our value for this year which is ‘Take Charge’, the teachers wanted to see if we could really take charge.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to bulid a tent

Equipment you will need:
18 Pegs
1 Hammer
3 Poles
3 Guy Ropes
Interior secure
inner tent


1. Firstly you will need to take out the tent and the fly (the fly is wrapped up inside of the tent) and then lay it out on the grass.

2. Secondly take out the pegs and the poles. Next put any equipment you are not using aside by the bag

3. Grab four of the pegs from the bag. After that grab the hammer and hammer in the pegs into the eyelitt, make sure the pegs are on a 45 degree angle(so they wont come out). When you are hammering insure that you pull the corners tightly and then hammer them in.
Then repeat this on every corner.

4. Connect the poles then see which one is longer. When you find the 2 longer poles , put it over the tent and clip it in on to the second eyelit . After the poles are over , there is a string and you must tie it to the center of the poles

5. You then put the fly(cover on the outside of the tent)on top of it and put the door in the right place. When that is finish you insert the last pole in to the front of the tent.

6.When you are finished inserting the pole you have to repeat the way you put it in before and remember to put it back the on a 45c angle.

7.Then your tent will be done and ready to sleep in!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Graphs and much more!

This data was collected by me. I collected this data... How?
Well I first made a form and sent it to everyone in the whole class (room 20). They filled the form out, and their results were sent had been sent back to me.

So I calculated up all the results and made 2 different types of graphs. As you can see I made a variety of options, but only one came first and that is the mighty BIG MAC (23.8%)!
In second place was the BK (Burger King) . Third place was the, Bacon and Egg Mc Muffin, A KFC burger and a Homemade Burger, their precentage was 9.5%.

That is only first, second and third place. So from this information I can tell what are room 20's favourite burgers.

Bin It!

Well about 2 weeks ago, our teacher gave us a task to make a movie about one of our Korero's. The Korero I choose was 'Bin It'. So here is my movie I made.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tech at Tamaki

We chattered excitedly as were getting ready to walk to Tamaki College.
Walking out of Point England school and in to the paths of G.I . Me and my group were walking to Tamaki College for our very first day at tech.

While walking at the back of Mr Barks, I had to pick up the paste and walk at the same speed as him, it was a bit annoying. I said to Mubasshira, “Mr Barks walks so fast doesn't he”, Mubasshira agreed with me.

We finally reached our destination at last. Looking around a bit lost I just stood in line for about 10 minutes. The teacher that was going to teach us was the lovely Mrs Heka. We went inside the cooking class, all I could hear was oohhh and ahhhs.

We first had to get wash our hands and put an apron on. Me and Muba (Mubasshira) really wanted to be in the same cooking team, and we were. The thing we were cooking on that day was Chelsea Buns. It was really fun. First we had to get out the utensils and equipment out. Then Mrs Heka gave us a few instructions to do.

Just about 20 minutes in to cooking, we were melting butter, getting scone mix, holding measuring cups, measuring things and holding GIANT bowls. 10 minutes after that we had to rinse the dishes and wash them, then pack it away. In a few hours our Chelsea Buns were cooked and delectable.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disaster in Christchurch

Rescuers Looking at the terrible sight hoping there are no people left inside. In every direction they look there is complete destruction, and the death toll rising by the hour. Nearly everything destroyed, and everywhere danger lurks beneath the grounds of Christchurch.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sensational Tonga

Such a hot day isn’t it. Tonga is both hot and WONDERFUL! I thought in my head. I, Seini-Mino was at Lavengatonga beach.

Sitting down and sinking my toes in to the hot sand felt really nice. After a few hours in the sand I decided to go for a swim, but just when my toes reached the water I shouted,” COLD”, the water was freezing . After that I just planned to run in to the beach instead of just walking in, so I could get it over and done with. So here it goes, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, I shouted as I ran in to the beach.

“COLD”, I shouted at the very top of my lungs, as my head popped out of the freezing, cold water.
My cousins told me to move around a lot so I could get use to the water. “ Aaaaaa" , at last I was
I was floating peacefully.

Until a big, massive wave came smashing down on my face . I was swept to shore and even better ,was that I had sand in my hair! What made my day that was my aunty from Austraila asked me if I wanted to go snorkeling.

I was full of excitement when I put the mask on. Down I go underwater and it was amazing!
I could see little tiny fish, but mostly the ones with black and white stripes on them. Until I saw a rather unusual looking fish, this fish was red and weird patterns on it, Acutally I was kind of scared so I swam away, but I think it was the other way around.

While I was underwater I could hear the water come past my ears and also the fact that everyone was following me and saying,”Mino can I have a turn”, It was so annoying! So I gave up the snorkel and the mask and gave it to my cousin, so now everybody can go annoy her now.

The thing that was most irratating of them all was, when you wanted to go eat the sand would stick to your feet. That was pretty stink I said.

I had LOTS of FUN even though there were my ups and downs mainly the downs that still didn’t stop me from having lots of fun. The day ended as the sun went down, it was 8.47pm, so that means I was there till 12.00 pm to 8.47pm. One word WOW. that was the 2nd longest time I have ever been at a beach.

It was a long way home ,I got hit with raindrops because it started to rain, It was like I was getting hit with pebbles, I was on the back of a truck ,but that was all part of the fun!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Net books,net books and even more net books!

It is very cool learning with net books ! Instead of having lots of books and even better you can easily carry it around, also it connects to wireless
(you can go anywhere in the school and go on the internet without having to plug it in to a modem) I think that's absolutely amazing.

In the school all the year 5,6,7 and 8's have this opportunity, that over 200 net books! The picture above I took on my net books

I am very greatful to have this opportunity.