Friday, November 30, 2012

Orientation Day

On Thursday it was our orientation day at Tamaki College.  So all the Yr 8's attended three classes, the subjects were Science, Music and English. Below I wrote about the time I spent in Music. 

Our 2nd rotation, Music. “What is your team called?”, asked Mr Telefoni(Music Teacher) I hesitated and said “Ummm...BOB!”. My team members, Sylvia and Selena laughed hysterically. The other team names were, ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘ 4 Main Men’. We were all competing in a quiz Mr Telefoni had prepared for us.

“What is the 2nd most viewed video on YouTube, in the world?”, asked Mr T.  Selena’s hand quickly sprang up,
“Justin Bieber - Baby! “,
“You are correct, one point for BOB, next question, Which musician died of Cancer to his toes?”
“ Bob Marley”, answered Naomi (team member of ‘Mary Poppins’)

“You are Correct! Now for the next challenge you have to write a rap or a song about school and perform it to the class”, said Mr T. All three of us thought long and hard for about 2 minutes, until the idea popped in to Selena’s head. Selena said, “ I have an idea, it goes...”.

“It’s time to move on, to your 3rd rotation”, said Mr Telefoni, having to move on to our 3rd rotation, we didn’t have time to perform our rap to the class. Apart from that I had a FANTASTIC experience in Music.

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