Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Church St Marys

My church St Marys is a very fun,co-operative,nice church we have services about Easter,Christmas,Pentecost,Trinity which I like to.

But I really like our Sunday school which we call Super Sunday Club our teacher is Kathryn she is extra nice to us.In Super Sunday Club we do fun things like we make profiles and name tags we also do other fun things too.
In our church we have a Parish Council. The Parish Council is a little group of people who come together and have meetings once a month. They can make decisions on what the church can do.
Our church also has youth on Fridays I enjoy it as much as I like Super Sunday Club ,because we cook play games have barbecues and practice our youth services.
By Seini-Mino (Thank You To  http://www.methodist.org.nz/files/images/web_gi_dscn4940.jpg)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I think Tonga is a beautiful country, and it is interesting that one of the most beloved queens of Tonga which was queen Salote has a girls' school named after her and even her own memorial hall.
The king of Tonga is king George Tupou the V and the royal family has their own private burial grounds in Nuku'alofa.
On Sundays it is very quiet because all businesses are closed and most people go to church.
It is normally hot,sunny,humid so people don't actaully have to wear jumpers.
My family and I go to Tonga every year and I enjoy seeing my grandmother, cousins and family but I feel sad when we have to go back to New Zealand but I don't feel very sad because the planes are a bit fun and I'll have to wait another year till I go back.
By Seini-Mino 
Thank You to http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/4/42/Sila_o_Tonga_-_Coat_of_arms_of_the_Kingdom_of_Tonga.svg/540px-Sila_o_Tonga_-_Coat_of_arms_of_the_Kingdom_of_Tonga.svg.png for the picture