Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Violin Practise

Hello again my name is Seini-Mino and I am going to talk about Violin practise. My Violin practise is very tiring to me sometimes. It starts at 10.30 am in the morning on Saturdays.
I always feel like relaxing on Saturdays but my mum comes and wakes me up when I say to her do we ever RELAX on a Saturday but she says its life and I say that's a good point.

So I get into the van and oh I forgot to tell you I also go with my sister and my cousin my sister plays the flute and my cousin plays the recorder. So I am not alone. Finally we get to Tamaki Intermediate I run out and go to my class well my mum goes to the Library and wait it only takes 30 minutes so its not really a thing to wine about.But when I get out I feel HAPPY and finally I get back HOME! Thanks to

By Seini-Mino

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  1. Hi Seini-Mino
    I think you are very lucky girl to be able to learn and play the violin! I cannot play any musical instrument so I think you are a very lucky.


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