Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry Translation... 2 By What?

If you are wondering what this picture is, I'll just tell you now. Here in the photo is basically Geometry... but the twist is that it is Translation, I don't mean translation like Tongan to English, but translation in Geometry. In the photo is a basic shape(diamond) and as you can see I have dragged the blue diamond shape down 2 squares and across 2 squares. It means moving a shape without resizing it, rotating it, flipping it or anything else. So that is Translation! If you don't get it at first, I was like you about half and hour ago, but not anymore, like I know 2 by 6, 3 by 5 and lots more now. I hope this information is very useful. Thank you very much for reading.


  1. Thank you for the Geometry lesson Seini-Mino! Mum

  2. Hi Seini-Mino please keep teaching me
    I really enjoy the way you explain what you are doing and just how it all works. I only wish that when I went to school it would have been as interesting. By for now Glynis

  3. So glad you got it Seini- Mino!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your informative explanations as we delve in to Geometry throughout the term.
    Mrs Nua

  4. I like your writing and it really cool i hope it not sore when i get mine.

    Well keep up the good work.


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