Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Camp TC

Camp TC

“Ohhhh how I love morning runs”, I said sarcastically as I sat down in line ready to run. “Girls you can start to run now”, Mrs Nua said, I wasn't really tired oh well come to think of it I was really tired. I was jogging very slowly, like I didn’t even care. Finally I got to the end . I was so excited but the stink thing was that the group I was in (Carez) were serving breakfast, how could this get any worse I thought to myself. GREAT, Sugar and milk was all over my arms and hands.

Camp was was starting off as a shambles at first, but I thought to myself another three days of this wont hurt me, will it? Oh no whats next Kayaking, at that moment Ms Tito announced ,”Carez your going to Kayaking next”, that was the one thing I did not want to do at camp. Here we go again I thought bad luck was haunting me today.

Feeling the sand in between my toes felt really nice. Getting in to the nice, cold, fresh water made me happy and it felt like bad luck had vanished. I was so surprised to see that there were kayaks for two people. I was so excited to get in to the new kayaks for two people.

It was a bit nerve racking at first because there were two people in the same kayak, Sylvia told me to calm down, so I did. 10 minutes in to kayaking and I was too freaked out I was saying, “ What if we tip in a very deep part, and what if the waves push us beyond the green pole”, I was having a nervous brake down.

“One,two three”, that was the sound of me paddling.I finally calmed down, I found the cure at last. I got the hang of it now, It was very easy now that that I got the hang of it.

We spent about an hour in the water then me and Sylvia went for a little swim. I enjoyed half of that hour.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to Point England School

This is a movie I made which shows what goes on in Point England school. The movie is titled Welcome to PES, this has little snapshots and little movies of what happens around our whole school. We line up which shows courtesy also having assembly every Friday. The Point England Way is being respectful, being honest and showing the little kids the way. Even much much more than this goes on around our school. We be kind, respect others and being helpful, taking charge. This doesn't just help us it helps the community.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little but Spectacular Camp Highlight

My favourite highlight at camp was ‘Rock Up’, they had many activities to do, but the one that stood out to me was the DUNKER because you never knew when you were going to get dunked in to the water. I liked it because it was surprising. It was a bit of a mystery to know weather you fall in. In the end all Rock up was about was having fun a working as a team . I wasn’t really use to the people in my group but I still got a long. Camp was also about learning our value for this year which is ‘Take Charge’, the teachers wanted to see if we could really take charge.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to bulid a tent

Equipment you will need:
18 Pegs
1 Hammer
3 Poles
3 Guy Ropes
Interior secure
inner tent


1. Firstly you will need to take out the tent and the fly (the fly is wrapped up inside of the tent) and then lay it out on the grass.

2. Secondly take out the pegs and the poles. Next put any equipment you are not using aside by the bag

3. Grab four of the pegs from the bag. After that grab the hammer and hammer in the pegs into the eyelitt, make sure the pegs are on a 45 degree angle(so they wont come out). When you are hammering insure that you pull the corners tightly and then hammer them in.
Then repeat this on every corner.

4. Connect the poles then see which one is longer. When you find the 2 longer poles , put it over the tent and clip it in on to the second eyelit . After the poles are over , there is a string and you must tie it to the center of the poles

5. You then put the fly(cover on the outside of the tent)on top of it and put the door in the right place. When that is finish you insert the last pole in to the front of the tent.

6.When you are finished inserting the pole you have to repeat the way you put it in before and remember to put it back the on a 45c angle.

7.Then your tent will be done and ready to sleep in!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Graphs and much more!

This data was collected by me. I collected this data... How?
Well I first made a form and sent it to everyone in the whole class (room 20). They filled the form out, and their results were sent had been sent back to me.

So I calculated up all the results and made 2 different types of graphs. As you can see I made a variety of options, but only one came first and that is the mighty BIG MAC (23.8%)!
In second place was the BK (Burger King) . Third place was the, Bacon and Egg Mc Muffin, A KFC burger and a Homemade Burger, their precentage was 9.5%.

That is only first, second and third place. So from this information I can tell what are room 20's favourite burgers.

Bin It!

Well about 2 weeks ago, our teacher gave us a task to make a movie about one of our Korero's. The Korero I choose was 'Bin It'. So here is my movie I made.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tech at Tamaki

We chattered excitedly as were getting ready to walk to Tamaki College.
Walking out of Point England school and in to the paths of G.I . Me and my group were walking to Tamaki College for our very first day at tech.

While walking at the back of Mr Barks, I had to pick up the paste and walk at the same speed as him, it was a bit annoying. I said to Mubasshira, “Mr Barks walks so fast doesn't he”, Mubasshira agreed with me.

We finally reached our destination at last. Looking around a bit lost I just stood in line for about 10 minutes. The teacher that was going to teach us was the lovely Mrs Heka. We went inside the cooking class, all I could hear was oohhh and ahhhs.

We first had to get wash our hands and put an apron on. Me and Muba (Mubasshira) really wanted to be in the same cooking team, and we were. The thing we were cooking on that day was Chelsea Buns. It was really fun. First we had to get out the utensils and equipment out. Then Mrs Heka gave us a few instructions to do.

Just about 20 minutes in to cooking, we were melting butter, getting scone mix, holding measuring cups, measuring things and holding GIANT bowls. 10 minutes after that we had to rinse the dishes and wash them, then pack it away. In a few hours our Chelsea Buns were cooked and delectable.