Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Violin Practise

Hello again my name is Seini-Mino and I am going to talk about Violin practise. My Violin practise is very tiring to me sometimes. It starts at 10.30 am in the morning on Saturdays.
I always feel like relaxing on Saturdays but my mum comes and wakes me up when I say to her do we ever RELAX on a Saturday but she says its life and I say that's a good point.

So I get into the van and oh I forgot to tell you I also go with my sister and my cousin my sister plays the flute and my cousin plays the recorder. So I am not alone. Finally we get to Tamaki Intermediate I run out and go to my class well my mum goes to the Library and wait it only takes 30 minutes so its not really a thing to wine about.But when I get out I feel HAPPY and finally I get back HOME! Thanks to

By Seini-Mino

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Allosaurus is a dinosaur whose name means Strange Lizard and who lived in the Jurassic period. It was a meat-eater and its size was 12 meters long. It was Lizard hipped or Saurischian.

The Allosaurus had short arms which ended in three curved pointy fingers to eat its prey and to hold its prey. It had 2 powerful legs to support its weight and help it run fast at about 30 km an hour. The tail of a Allosaurus was very long to help it balance. The feet of an Allosaurus were fat and its toes had sharp claws. To attack its prey and rip off the skin and meat.

The location of a Allosaurus is North America.

By Seini-Mino