Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comparison- Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso

Born 1881 October 25th, Pablo Picasso became the pioneer of Cubism. In the year 1900 Picasso visited France where he met Henri Matisse, they became lifelong friends. Henri Matisse was born 31 December 1869. Although they both experimented with similar styles of painting they each become pioneers of different artistic movements

Picasso’s ‘Weeping Women’ and Matisse’s ‘Woman with Hat’ both had a similar subjects but different themes .  Matisse’s piece of artwork is just neutral, neither sad nor happy. It is believed that ‘Woman with a Hat’ is Matisse’s wife. Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ conveys the Spanish war and suffering. They are two very different paintings.

The hue and the value of the two are sort of different, but they have their similarities. Picasso’s colours were  vibrant however he mainly used yellow, with some green, black and white. Matisse used very unique colours. He was experimenting with colours for a new style of art he was trying out which was Fauvism, If you look closely you will see that Matisse has used some Red on the nose and Yellow on the neck which shows shading in different ways.

The two had very different ideas of the line and shape. Picasso went for a very vivid, jagged lines and the shapes he has picked to use looks like shattered glass pieces .  Otherwise Matisse used almost unseen lines rather his outline of shapes came through using different colours. It was very unique.

In conclusion therefore, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso had their similarities and differences. They had very different styles but still had some similar techniques. Art is art.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Show Not Tell

Splish, splosh, droplets of water were summoned upon me from the sky.  Cars came one by one, sending showers of spray flying, dousing my face with water.As I trudged through the drizzling droplets, I was starting to become saturated.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Extension Reflection

I made a movie in Extension, were we had to collect up information about a famous person . We could pick  from a website called  Pacific Starmap or we could do someone else. I did an artist named Sopolemalama Filipe Tohi, who is also a sculptor. 

Although I did complete a movie ,I did alright, not great. I think I could have managed my time better and be focused. I managed to get a conclusion finished which was good. For the next project we have in Extension I will try my hardest at, managing my time better, being focused and getting done before the deadline.Here is my conclusion:

Sopelemalama has taken a long journey full of ups and downs. In his life he has had a lot of wonderful opportunities,like showing his artwork in the Te Papa Museum. To get to where he has got to now has taken a lot of courage, focus and hard work.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Daniella Hulme's Journey

When Daniella was in her teenage years in Holland, she wanted to become an artist, but her parents were not supportive of her dream job. They held traditional views about what career pathway was appropriate for her. So she was a nurse for a couple of years instead.

Daniella met her future husband through nursing and emigrated to NZ. She got married and had children. Daniella’s husband supported her dream of being an artist so he got her into an art class to learn how to paint. It was through these art classes that she learnt the techniques of painting with oil. She liked the texture and the smell of the paint and how it gave her more time to work on her depth of colour.

Daniella's work is inspired by her husband's culture (Samoan) so the theme for the majority of her paintings are the pacific. She uses vibrant colours in her paintings because she likes to cheer people up and give people a sense of well-being.

I worked with Jarna to produce these paragraphs

Vincent Van Gogh's - Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork, Starry Night is a masterpiece.  I feel Happiness and dismay from Starry Night because the colour choices are bright, vivid, gloomy and dusky.  The brushstrokes show great technique and texture. Van Gogh’s emotions show through his paintings very well.

Daniella Hulme - Abundance

Daniella Hulme’s artwork Abundance is very representative of all of her artwork. She portrays her artwork with lifelike objects. Daniella mostly incorporates people, fruits and flowers in to her masterpieces. The colour choices she uses are very vibrant and vivid. Her style is figurative and Stylised.