Monday, February 9, 2009

Pacific Tongan beach

In the holidays I went to Tonga with my family. In Tonga we went to the beach and I got sun burnt and it hurt a lot and my skin was peeling which was yucky. The waves were huge and if
you were on the sand the were on the sand the big waves would hit you like starfish coming towards you and little pebbles. Sometimes it would hurt your tummy like when you're diving
in to the pool the wrong way. We ate at the inside the beach because we couldn't be bothered walking up getting the food because our togs were full of water but my mum and aunty got the
food. In Tonga they have no changing rooms but I think there is changing rooms but they are
a bit yuck. So we had to change under a huge tree with our towel over us it was kind of embarrassing.
The next week we went to the same beach because my family and my grandma like that beach and it is called Kelet'i it is next to another beach called Vatogo we stopped going there because there were a lot of rocks and the water was pretty rough but people still go there.
At the beach when we went there it was raining and the wind was blowing really hard and it was cold and freezing I felt a little scared because I thought there was sharks but there are no sharks only in a another village. But there were little fish swimming around and biting you.
It kind of hurt well it hurt for me but for my aunty it didn't hurt at all. I had to hold on to my aunty or uncle and my mum and cousins because the water was so deep. Some people got out because it was freezing cold and their lips were turning purple so they got out
and one of my cousin's were so cold they went out on to the sand and covered themselves with
there pink towel completely so we had to go back home because some of my other cousin's
got really cold so we had to go home. The End


  1. Aren't you lucky going to Tonga. Maybe next time you go I could sneak into your suitcase, I'm sure no-one would notice. Keep up the posting Seini- Mino
    Ms Squires

  2. Hi Mino!
    I really didn't think that Tonga would be so cold!I thought Tonga was so hot you could fry an egg on the foot path!Any way hope you had a great time at Tonga!I'm sure there was some sun shine!

    From Rex

  3. Good storytelling Seini-Mino, quite accurate recalling of events too. Oh to be back in the sea at Keleti beach!!!! I am sure there will be a next time!!! From Mum

  4. Hi Seini-Mino.Mino your story was so cool and I loved it.

    From Your Cousin Pesi.T

  5. Hi there,

    It is nice to know you had a great time at Keleti Beach. I actually grew up and swim in that beach everyday. If you need more info about he Beach .. . It is actually a resort. Not sure whether it was up and running when you were there but now its a full resort and the best in Tonga at the moment.


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