Sunday, June 21, 2009


I think Tonga is a beautiful country, and it is interesting that one of the most beloved queens of Tonga which was queen Salote has a girls' school named after her and even her own memorial hall.
The king of Tonga is king George Tupou the V and the royal family has their own private burial grounds in Nuku'alofa.
On Sundays it is very quiet because all businesses are closed and most people go to church.
It is normally hot,sunny,humid so people don't actaully have to wear jumpers.
My family and I go to Tonga every year and I enjoy seeing my grandmother, cousins and family but I feel sad when we have to go back to New Zealand but I don't feel very sad because the planes are a bit fun and I'll have to wait another year till I go back.
By Seini-Mino 
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  1. Hello Seini-Mino
    It's great that you know about the history of your country. The King and his family in Tonga are very important. Did you know that many things are named after daughters and sons of kings around the world? In our local community you'll find that the same thing happens there. I'm not sure if Tongan churches practice it, but in Samoan parishes you will find that if they have a preschool - they will have named it after the eldest daughter of the minister. For example our minister's eldest daughter is named Teuila. Therefore our Samoan preschool is called 'Aoga a Teuila'. Some parishes have their church hall named after the eldest daughter. That's such a priviledge having something named after you. Imagine, maybe something might be named after us one day...

    I enjoyed reading your post Seini-Mino. It's fantastic that you get to visit your family often Tonga. I look forward to reading more from you.

    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Seini-Mino,

    I love how you did a post about Tonga. I have actually been to Tonga but I was a baby.I love how you talked about how it is quiet in Tonga. I wish I could go to Tonga, I would love to have some piece and quiet.

    Well that's all I have time for.


    From Selena.


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