Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Favourite Song

My favourite song is Phantom Of The Opera sang by Emmy Rossum and Gerald Butler. I like how they sing different notes like high and low mostly high notes are in the song.You should listen to it to see for your self. Also they have expression in there voice when they are singing.

You don't expect a little Nine year old girl like me to like Phantom Of The Opera. To be honest I think this song is very interesting. My body shakes when I listen to it and I get goosebumps to I don't know why I get those reactions. The song can be scary sometimes but it only scares me a little.

Sorry I only have a little bit of paragraphs I might write more next week but this is all I can do today.

By Seini-Mino
Thank you to this website for the photo.


  1. I loved reading this post as I too am a fan of Phantom of the Opera. I know what you mean about the Goosebumps. When no-one is home and I am allowed to play the music I like (that means my bossy children are out) then I play it really loud on the stereo. Do you like any other songs from Phantom?
    I have been to the stage show 3 times - twice in Auckland and once in Sydney. It is even better live.
    You might also like Miss Saigon I think. I have been to that in Sydney and in New York - in New York our whole family went. It has a very sad story as well.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Seini-mino,
    I really liked reading your post about the Phantom of the opera, nice POST! I really liked it how you described how you felt and how that song scares you a bit but anyways GREAT post!!

    Bye for now!



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