Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trip To Tamaki College

It was Tuesday the 1st of December and I Seini-Mino had organised a trip for my whole class to go to Tamaki Collage. I had asked my mum which was the Principal if my class could come to her Collage. She said yes so I had to organise it with the deputy Principal It all got organised so on Tuesday we went.

The first thing we done was sports I had a great time we played a game were you had to spin around a bamboo stick five times and run around the cones then back to your team. Our team done alright we ended up coming 2nd so it wasn't bad. This was my favourite game it was called fresh it was a bit like tiggy the only difference was that you had to say, "I am fresher than you." So if they said that you had to run back to base. All my class had a fun time playing that game it was probably my best.

Science was amazing we learned facts. Also we done an experiment I got scared because it involved fire. It was really scary but we also did rotations around the class room I done an experiment with milk and food colouring it looked fantastic it was like I was in a dream world
I also enjoyed myself at Science.

Next was Cooking that was amazing we had cooked Nachos my group had to get mince and all the ingredients from the bench. We poured the mince into the frying pan and cooked, "Ouch" I said as a bubble from the frying pan hit my hand. Next we poured in the Tomato Paste and onions they cooked really well It looked like a red river . almost ready I said as Mrs Heka the cooking teacher was turning off our stove. They were finally ready. They tasted very good with a touch of sour cream. I enjoyed myself a lot
Thank you mum.
By Seini-Mino

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