Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Great Museum Trip

It was an ordinary holiday Monday in bed, being rudely awoken by my sister’s arguing. I just wanted too go somewhere else today. If only I could get a break from here.

I finally stood up to a beautiful sunny day but I was still grumpy. “Aaaahhhhh Mondays”, I yawed as I was going into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I wished to go to the museum that day, but just when I thought my luck was out ,my mum said that she has $150 dollars to spend at the museum ,and she wanted to take me. How did you get that mum? I asked with amazement, she said she got it as a gift from her friends, It was a voucher, “sweet luck”,I whispered.

YES we had reached our destination, the museum. As I got out of the car I could feel a nice breeze come past me, It felt good. I could see the imposing building up above. I had to walk up a hill to get to the entrance but that was okay, what a treat!

I finally entered in and saw lots of interesting things, I could see, exhibits and sculptures. I was excited to go around and go learn some new stuff.

Me and mum went around the museum and went looking at exhibitions, but the thing I liked most was looking at the Pacific part of the museum, It had tapa mats from Tonga, Samoa and I think Fiji. My mum was really fascinated in how the navigators found land. I was interested in the patterns on the the tapa mats because some had colour and some had black patterns.

Finally after all that walking and looking around, we went to the gift shop. It looked amazing, I could see coats, bags, clothes, jewelry, lollies, shells, bears ( not real ones though) and posters. After looking around plenty of times, in the end I bought a shell,bear, lollies and a pen.

I was glad that I had purchased some items, so I exit the museum with my mum. When we had got to the car I put a lolly in my mouth,“YUMMY!” I said.

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