Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Writing Sample of 2011

Out of no where someone shouted,”Mino, MINO, wake up”, finally I had awoken, in my car, on the way to school. Is it Tennis today, I thought with an unexpected urge to hit a ball. I ran to the courts and there I could see my class heading towards a row of Tennis nets, at that moment I knew, TENNIS LESSONS were TODAY!

“Go grab a racket and a ball and then wait for me to say you can start bouncing your ball ” , Marcell(tutor) said in an very high monotone voice. Hitting the ball up and down didn’t sound like rocket science, this was going to be easy...a few minutes later, nothing was going the way I thought it would, not even by one inch, the ball was being batted everywhere and then I had to go grab the ball and hit it again, this was set on repeat, “THIS...IS...MADNESS!”. I figured that Tennis was actually all about bouncing and hitting the ball so I thought I might as well begin to get use to bouncing the ball PROPERLY.

As another challenge was coming around the corner, I thought I
can’t cope with all these shinanagins. Hitting the ball on the side of the racket was our challenge, later, I thought this IS rocket science. I wanted the lesson to finish already, but as they say time drags when you are not having fun.(and I sure was NOT enjoying myself)

“No its an underarm throw”, my partner Toreka explained. We had to pair up and then practise our serving and batting. Immediately I thought I was doing quite well for an amateur, serving the ball pretty well to Toreka. Just when I had started to make some progress, we were told to stop. I hope we get to play a game next, I thought, and I was right! We were about to play a game called King of the courts, which was practically Tennis.

I was up first, my 20 minutes exercise in endurance was paying off I thought. I have to hit this ball “...’HIT’ the ball went flying...out of the boundary. “ Sometimes its not about winning, its about winning...the next time! I said with a very sinister look in my eyes. In the end though its about participating and having a go, and THAT I certainly did.

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