Thursday, April 2, 2009


This term at extension we are writing recipes and the one recipe we are doing is one that includes potatoes. My recipe I am doing is mashed potatoes we are doing recipes on rice bananas,appetizers,any favorite food from your country.

The other thing we do is garage band. Nearly every Thursday we make a little tune or little piece of music we do our music on instruments our first one we did was the drums and the second piece of music we are going to do is on a bass guitar.My track sounded a little bit cool but you really couldn't hear the drums. We do this because so that we can hear what other schools have made in other countries.

We are also working on in groups about restaurants we need to know a lot of information about the restaurant we are working on like the address the capital of the country like if came from Vietnam and the phone number.

We are also on Google earth to help us on the information on the project we are working on like our restaurant project we are doing and sometimes we even tutu around with it.


  1. Hi Seini Mino
    Extension class sounds like fun as you do lots of cool things! Do you just collect the recipes or do you also make what you have on your recipe?
    good luck

  2. Hi Seini-Mino
    You are very lucky to be in the extension programme because you are describing a variety of learning activities that sound like a whole heap of fun! Thank you Pt England School. As a Pt England school family we are very happy with the quality of the teaching and learning at Pt England. from Seini-Mino's Mum


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