Thursday, April 30, 2009

Camp Aratika

Last month on March Point England school had there year five and six camp at our school on our big field in tents.Then suddenly the bell rang we met our leader and our teacher.

The first activity my group had was camp cooking.The teacher who was there was Whare Warane.
she said we were "cooking damper and it was a kind of bread". After that she quickly said the instructions and said "clean your hands in the blue bucket and get a bamboo stick from the red bucket. Then finally we got given our piece of damper to twirl around our bamboo stick then put over the fire. We had a barrier it was a square around the fire It took a long time for my damper to cook I sat there for along time until Whare Warane said "your damper is cooked" I was happy because I wanted to eat.

We had rock climbing the next day, it was fun because they had walls with shapes,sea creatures,king Kong, jack and the bean stalk,Indiana Jones. I climbed them all but never made it up to any of them but it was enjoyable.

On Friday we came on a bus to the lagoon my group the Responsibles rushed of on to the hydro-slide first it was fun and I was dripping with water all over me. I thought I was going to drown but I didn't it was scary but fun because hole was big and black and I thought it was scary but really fun.

I felt good after all the things we did at camp it was FUN and was as fun as a monkey who go a bunch of bananas. I was happy at camp and excited.

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  1. Hey Seini-Mino,
    I really like the way you used some of our Litery Techniques, I wonder if you could improve your spelling more.Our favourite part was your conclusion.ka tei pai Mino


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