Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Immersion Assembly

"Ahhh" as Mr Burt ran in as cracker the cavemen and he said "I am looking for hipslophodons" so he dragged a person to the front and said "yummy oh but I need two" so he grabbed another person and pulled that person to the front.It was funny then he told the two people to go back.

Mr Burt said "Welcome to team one." They had to show us a little clip with dinosaurs. The movie ended and the teachers put up a sign to say dinosaurs still excised.

Mr Burt said "We are studying dino-might in term two so welcome team two." Team two was doing a rap to a little clip It was hilarious how they moved.

Mr Burt said "Give it up for team three ". Team three had a movie showing and at the same time the teachers were going around talking to kids and saying "have you found my bone" it was a bit crazy.

Finally Mr Burt said "Welcome to team four". Team four had to show us a movie but before the movie Mrs Nua came up and said "Hello Point England it would be good if some of you looked at the section in the library 560.

Now we got to watch the movie. The movie was set in the library. The teachers were reading dinosaur books and fell asleep, They went back to prehistoric times it was really interesting and amazing.

Finally it was the E-learning team they sang a song it was funny  they even had dancers , the team two dancers.

It was end of assembly I felt excited and happy because it was cool.
By Seini-Mino

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