Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lightly Rose Part 2

Lightly Rose set of for her journey at dawn in a strange town. She met a lady in a cloak and when she said "Hello" she felt a tingly sensation on her ankle. The lady said kindly would you like me to take you through our town. Lightly Rose made it though the town and asked would you want to come with me on my journey to find my mum the lady replied that would be very nice. After a few years later they had gone everywhere in the whole world. Lightly Rose was shocked her mum was no where. The lady had never seen Lightly Roses face until she took her cloak off and revealed herself to Lightly Rose she saw Lightly Roses eyes they were yellow exactly like her eyes were. The lady had a fuzzy sensation on her foot. Then she noticed Lightly Rose from all those years ago she left her with the king and queen . Then the lady said what is your name Lightly Rose she said. The lady said I have a confession to make I am your mum Lightly Rose. She was so happy she did not even notice she was travelling with her mum.

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