Saturday, September 12, 2009

Typing Madness

Hello Today I am talking about a website were you can learn to type. It tells you were to put your hands and were the home keys are. It is Called Dance Mat Typing. It is a interesting website I really like the animmals that are all dressed up. You may click on the highlighted word to go there. Dance Mat Typing. Thank you for listening By Seini-Mino


  1. Hi Seini-Mino
    Thank you for pointing out this website where I can learn to type using all my fingers instead of just two!!

  2. Hi Seini-Mino, What a great idea to share this website with your readers. I would like to know how your typing is going? Have you remembered that I have a prize for people who can come and show me they are using all 10 fingers when they type :)
    Mrs Burt


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