Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lightly Rose Part One

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away there lived a king and queen and they desperately wanted a child. One day the queen was staring out on to the land and there happened to be a lady walking in a cloak with a baby and she knocked on the door and left the baby there then vanished. The queen rushed to the door and saw the baby, she picked it up and looked into its eyes and noticed a strange colour for eyes, they were yellow. The queen looked around and went back inside to show the abandoned baby to the king. The king was amazed and noticed the same things that the queen noticed. So a few years passed and the baby grew up.The queen and king named the baby Lightly Rose because her eyes were shining like light and her lips were as red as a rose. On Lightly Roses 19th birthday they told her the story about when she was little and how they took her in. She was shocked and told the king and queen she was going to set off on a journey to find her real mum.
At dawn she quietly sneaked out of bed and packed her stuff then set off for her journey.

By Seini-Mino

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