Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Video Conference With Hamish Campbell

This morning we had a video conference with one of the most famous Geologist in Auckland  and he is a research scientist and works for GNS (Geological Nuclear Sciences) in Auckland. His name is Hamish Campbell I kind of didn't know what he was saying because he was speaking so fast. I understood some of the words.

 Hamish then told us about the earthquake in Fiordland which was on the July of 16th and lasted 30 seconds and no one died! and it was 7.6. magnitude and it was the biggest earthquake in the world in 80 years. Hamish also told us that the epicenter was the point of an earthquake.

Its really interesting because in 1976 in Tangshan that a earthquake happened during 4 am in the morning and 242,000 people died and it was only fifteen seconds. 

He told us that the Pacific plate moved up and the Australian plate moved under I was really amazed. He also told us that the epicenter which is the point on the earthquake was on Resolution Island. I really feel sorry for Joan Wiffen because Hamish Campbell just said to us that she has past away. Joan Wiffen was a New Zealand paleontologist and found the first dinosaur bone.

I enjoyed myself. Thank you to for the picture.

Thank you to Hamish Campbell and Diana- Grace  and Te Papa Museum.


  1. Hello Seini-Mino. Yes it was very sad to hear about Joan Wiffen. It's lovely though that Hamish Campbell got to attend her funeral. As well as the sad news we certainly learnt many interesting things about the amazing planet we live on. Keep up the good work Seini-Mino - hopefully we'll have another chance to chat with Diana-Grace and Hamish soon.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Seini-Mino,
    That was a great story about explaining what happend in Fiorland,It is really sad that Jaon Wiffen died but that is great that you explaind.My favourite bit was when you explained about how the Australian plate and pacific plate went under each other but bye for now!

  3. You certainly learned a whole heap of information from this video conference Seini-Mino!! Good on you! I am impressed that you knew who Joan Wiffen is because i have just learned who she was from your blog!


  4. Hi seini-mino
    I really liked going to conference with Hamish Campbell
    He was like Albert Einstien.
    When he told us infomation, I just put all his words into my brain.
    I wonder if he has travelled overseas.


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