Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Reflection on ROW12

Hi everybody we have finished this years ROW12 (rock our world) and this is my reflection down below.

1. What did I do well? I think I did well in ROW12 because I worked in a team with other people . I created a shoe in a group, and I think I did well being a team captain.

2. How could have I improved on what I did? I think I could have did well on being more organised and listen more better.

3.Brick Wall ( Key ) What held me back from doing a better job? I think what held me back was sometimes myself because I could not control myself sometimes, the things I could not control myself from was talking and my team and I were struggling a bit.But we got there in the end.
Been a better captain
Control myself better

4. Purpose of joining ROW12
Seeing what other kids in the world are up to.
Meeting famous people and other people from around the world and learn more from them.
Seeing what other have to say.
Bringing other people together.
Making Friends.

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