Friday, June 25, 2010

Where Is Mum?

It was a Saturday night, and I Mina was waiting for mum to pick me up from the movies. "Mum ,mum come" I said in my mind. I was sick of waiting.

My phone had dropped in the middle of the movie. I was panicking, my blood pressure had started to rise. Mum got me this phone only YESTERDAY for my birthday !!! I looked everywhere, but it was pitch black dark. I tried to stop the movie, and find the light switch. This phone meant more than my food and my car. How would I contact mum?

I just thought of something, I could ring my phone on Lucas's phone. "Oh NO" I said the movie had finished and the security guards, opened the doors. They thought something suspcious was going on, so they lifted me up and took me outside, I shouted at the top of my lungs "NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND".

Lucas quickly came running, " Mina, Mina are you alright" he said, " Yes, yes I am fine", I replied with anger. I started to cry. I quickly thought if Lucas and his mum could drop me off home, I heard someone say, " Bye Mina", but who? So when I turned around to tell Lucas if he could give me a ride, he was gone.

So I was lonely with no-one, shivers came down my spine like the night sky did, but I could go into the movies and use there phone but the clock striked 12:00am and only people with Id's could go inside and I forgot mine at home and I would get kicked out by the guards again. I stood still angry and scared.

As I stood still for Five minutes a man or lady (I couldn't tell) came from the mist and shouted my name "MINA, MINA", who was it I wondered with fear, but as the voice got closer it started to sound familiar, it was....

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  1. Hi Mino

    Its room fifteen her and we are here to tell you that your story is so grate and active. Its like we are in the olden days.


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