Friday, September 24, 2010

Indian Fiafia

Fiafia night was awesome! I was in the Indian group and our dance was great,I felt nervous at first, but when I got on stage I felt calm and relaxed and when the music had started to play and we had did our first move the crowd started too cheer . It was a wonderful feeling too be up on stage and dancing.

I my dancing group was Mubasshira, Ala , Sylvia, Toreka and me. Mubasshira was our dancing teacher and she is only a year 6 at Point England School. we added some of the moves and Mubasshira did the rest.

I had a lot fun learning and preforming the dance!


  1. Hi Mino.
    That dance was really fun. It was really cool at FiaFia, my favourite group perfomance was Techtonic. What about you?
    Great work!


  2. Hey Toreka,
    The dance was cool,but my favourite group was the Techtonic aswell.

    From Mino


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