Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Some birds can fly high up in the air-kiwis can’t. Most birds are beautifully bright coloured-but Kiwi’s aren’t. There’s even a bird that can swim in the icy cold water down in Antartica-Kiwi’s wouldn’t even do that.

It’s not that they’re all big or they’re really small. The littlest kiwi is called the Little Spotted Kiwi. Only 1350 are in on Kapati Island. This species is smaller than a normal rugby ball.

The average size is only about the size of a normal size rugby ball. But these Kiwis can be really big. The Great Spotted Kiwi is the biggest kiwi of all and its 45 centimeters and there are over 22,000 Great White Kiwis in the whole of New Zealand.

I suppose you wouldn’t call them beautiful or dazzling. Their color is very dull and plain brown, and they’ve even got rough skin, while lots of them have the most ridiculous 20cm bill that sticks out in the front of their body. Imagine giving them a Hongi!

Most people think that Kiwi’s have no wings. They do! If you look underneath their brown plain plumage you will find their wings.Their wings are the size of your PINKY! Can you believe it?

Kiwis have a nice sense of smell. They can also put the tip of their beck which is there nose, three centimeters down in to the ground and smell worms and insects. they then grab their prey from underground, and eat it.

How could you possibly resist a, big fat,nocturnal,plain, plumaged, ugly looking, flightless bird?

If Kiwi’s aren’t cool, Then I don’t know what is?

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