Thursday, April 14, 2011


“We all live in a yellow submarine”, sung Point England school. We were all in the hall waiting anxiously to see if we were going to go to our annual picnic down at the reserve. Finally Mr Burt came and said, “Okay boys and girls lets get ready to go, “ I was full of excitement.

Reaching our destination at last. We had a little korero with Mr Burt and then we were off to find a spot to sit in.” Ahhhh”, sitting down and eating in the hot sun, I had one word to say, “Paradise”,that was a definite highlight. With a stunning view of the sea, it was just wonderful. Thinking to myself about what to do next, play touch, play kicks, make clay mud balls or just sit down and RELAX! I chose to just relax.

Unexpected shivers come down my spine and that was a sign that I was cold, so to warm up I stood up and decided that I should go and play kicks with Selena. It was my turn to kick the ball so I said its time to roll, so here it goes...BOOM the ball was off, it nearly went over the fence. Me and Selena played non-stop kicks it went on for ages, until I got tired and sat down.

As I sat down to eat my lunch I could hear a group of gossipers, and of course gossiping about something. Finally my friends came back and then we became a group of gossipers. As the day ended I was quite tired but I had a GREAT day!!


  1. Hey Mino,
    I enjoyed reading your story about the picnic.I really like your photo of Selena and Toreka.

  2. Hey Mino,
    It was a great day, it sounds like you had a very relaxing time indeed.
    I love the photos.

    Happy writing, I can;t wait to read more.
    Mrs Nua

  3. Hay mino

    what a long story about the lovely picnic and great wirting hope you have a good day

    from lesieli in room 13

  4. Hi Mino

    What a great story about the school picnic.I had fun at the picnic and i know you had fun :D I cant wait tell the next picnic!!

    From Kashya


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