Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Destruction In North Shore!

Yesterday on the 3rd of May at 3pm a very fierce tornado came down upon the North Shore, Albany. The start of the massive destruction was absolutely gob smacking, and that was only the start of the viscous tornado! Citizens of the North shore were very shocked, all the fear they could feel was just to much even for the little ones, everyone’s adrenalin was pumping over the limit. From fierce winds and explosive power the mean beast had been released.

The aftermath was just unbelievable, the tornado left the people of North shore absolutely devastated. Only one or two very tragic deaths on that very fateful day. The peoples adrenalin had finally calmed down, but parents still looking for their little ones, and kids looking for their parents they were very worried.

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  1. The tornado was most unexpected and very scary indeed. You have done well to capture the fierce winds and the devastation caused. Mum


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