Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Duffy Theatre

Everyday I’m Scruffyiiiing”, Duffy’s younger brother Scruffy sang as he did the shuffle. “Duffy come and play some rugby with me”, he pleaded. Duffy replied, “Scruffy wait 5 more minutes.” “Okay, Scruffy said, “I’ll wait 5 minutes.” But instead of showing 5 with his hands he had shown 3. He sprinted away eagerly.  
Minutes  passed and Scruffy scrambled over the fence, demanding that they go play some rugby. ”But Scruffy I’m reading the best book in the world can you wait please,” Duffy replied. In disappointment Scruffy stormed off.

Scruffy came back again, and this time he said he had bought Piri Weepu along, but it was just an imaginary Piri - a trick to get Duffy to come and play with him. Everyone else had left Scruffy  so he wanted Duffy to come join him. In determination to convince Duffy he moaned, he pleaded, and he even disguised his voice as Piri Weepu.

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