Monday, November 19, 2012

Toy Research

In Extension we were assigned to research a toy and find out the following.

Name of Toy : Razor Scooter
Year : 1999/became popular in 2000
Manufactured: JD Corporation
Origins: Shanghai, Taiwan
Invented: MMS (Micro Mobility Systems)
Inventor: Gino Tsai
Cost: $90 - $130(NZ) $140 - $250(Pro Model)
Audience: 10 - Teens
Bigger: Make the deck bigger.
Add: Breaks, to make it easier to stop.
Replace: The wheels, with bigger wheels.

1. The Razor Scooter took 5 years to design
2. There are many models of the Razor Scooter (e.g. Pro/Ultra Model, First/Second Generation models)
3. The Razor Scooter has changed in many ways, for example there is now an Electric Razor Scooter

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  1. Hey Mino,

    Your facts about the Razor scooter was awesome because I didn't know anything about them but now I do thanks to you. Keep up the awesome work!

    Your Sincerely Jarna


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