Friday, November 16, 2012

The Farm House (Narrative)

As Leslie walked cautiously through the grassy path, a ray of sun pierced through the clouds. Trying to avoid the murky puddles, she smiled with relief as she could no longer feel droplets falling on her. Sweat dripped down Leslie’s tan face, as she walked continuously for hours.

She’d always fought and argued with her stepmother, but this time it was personal. So she fled. Just as Leslie was looking for shelter, the sky turned dim and gloomy. Walking towards a figure in the distance was salvation. As she reached the farm barn, the door creaked open slowly as she made her way in.

Opposite her was a, stack of hay. Well its all there was, so she slept on the stack of hay overnight. Waking up early in the morning, Leslie continued her journey for salvation. On her journey she had to face daring, treacherous pathways. She also encountered with a rattle snake.

Leslie had always feared snakes and so the day had to face her fears...or run. She ran for her life and out of nowhere, a helicopter came to her rescue. “HELP! HELP!” Leslie yelled jumping up and down. With her cold hand, she felt her heartbeat and safely climbed the ladder up to the door.

To her amazement, her real mother appeared to be seated in the helicopter. “MUM”, cried Leslie.
They lived happily ever after.

Thanks to Sylvia for helping me write this. 

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