Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Japanese In Progress

Why hello there, I am blogging about how I learnt how to speak and count in Japanese. So here it goes, on Friday we learnt a little bit of Japanese, here is an example of what we ( my Taonga Time group) were up to.
How to count in Japanese:
Ichi - One
Ni - Two
San -Three
She - Four
Go - Five
Roku - Six
Nana - Seven
Hachi - Eight
Kyu - Nine
Jyu - Ten
How to say my name in Japanese:

Konichiwa watashi no namae wa Seini-Mino, Sayonara.
Hello my name is Seini-Mino, Bye.

Some Basic Words in Japanese:

Konichiwa- Hello
Arigato for reading my post and Sayonara!

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  1. Konichiwa Seini-mino, I am pleased to see you are learning Japanese. What a shame we no longer have the Japanese school here at Pt England or you could have conversed with the teachers there! I was interested that you learn for seven because when I studied Japanese I was taught to say - and I still count like that.


    Mrs Burt


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