Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh NO...Vaccination

Look at the size of the needle I thought in my mind, I Seini-Mino was going to get vaccinated but I thought the nurse (Sam) was going to put some numbing cream on my arm. She injected the needle in my left arm, “OOOOWWWW”, I was saying very very very quietly with my mouth closed and smiling like I was joyful.

“Ouch”, I moaned, my arm had started gushing blood, I tried so hard not to look at my injection, but hey you cant resist looking at it. That was some real intense pain I thought! I guess Agony had struck me... It was complete distress and misery, well hey it cured a lot of diseases and it also helps.

I felt a little bit lethargic a first, but then Sam sent me to go sit down and watch a movie with everyone else. Trying so hard to sit still, my arm just kept on flailing around. I was just about to go to sleep...until Ala started talking to me, yeah I couldn’t tell her to shoush so I just went a long with it.

Having a good look at the piece of paper I had received, it said I have to leave at 11.46pm and the time was 11.41pm I really wanted to stay behind and watch the movie, but the lady said I have to go. Minutes passed very fast and before I knew it I was saying “Adios amigo's”.

Walking back to class was a nightmare because I was very weary! Nearly tripping over the steps I tried so hard to stand up straight, but I kept on trying and trying and guess what ,I got there in the end!

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