Sunday, September 23, 2012

Olympic Day

“ARGENTINA”, I heard the people roar. To my sight I saw a sea of multi-coloured t-shirts. A procession was held in honour of this event.  Chanting and cheering filled my ears,”GO MEXICO!”. Everyone was truly hyped for what we had planned for today. We had a rotation of various activities.

First up was volleyball, not just any volleyball though. The number 1 rule was that you had to be seated at all times, it sounded quite hard . My team did pretty well seeing it was their first time. I had to be the umpire since I was the leader of Mexico.

Everyone tried their best to resist getting off their bottoms. As the umpire I saw a few sneaky tricks. Watching my own team lose, I predicted they would come back and score. My prediction was correct, with the points tied at 9, it was that one extra point that would make a difference. "C'mon Mexico", I shouted anxiously. The ball was off,it flew up in the air and over the net. It was nail biting momment, but Mexico won the challenge in the end.

Handball. It was quite a challenge playing against Argentina. All I could hear was everyone arguing saying it was a full, double bounce and full carry. My partner was Mubasshira who isn’t quite the best at handball, but I desperately was in need of a partner.

We were up and it was against the boys. I was getting the ball all the time because Mubasshira didn’t even attempt to get the ball, trying my best we were later disqualified for letting the ball go out.

The day was coming to an end, and everyone learnt about how to work together and about teamwork. If you can work in a team you can accomplish many things.

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