Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sports Rotation

Making my way to the hall I was saturated by the pouring blustery rain. With the treacherous weather, I was wondering if the sports event was going to be postponed.  But as usual the show must go on! This was going to be an Olympic themed sports competition.

We were all separated according to our House teams, Takitimu(Yellow), Te Arawa(Red), Tainui(Blue) and Matatua(Green). I was the captain of one of the teams for Takitimu.  

Our first activity was an obstacle course with Miss V. We had to maneuver through the cones whilst kicking a ball, then walk across an unstable chair, under and over some platforms and kick the ball into the goal. Unable to stop laughing, I was falling behind. “Oh No, not the jump!”, I was panicking, because I thought I wouldn’t make it over the platform.  Indeed I did make it over.

Next was Mr Slade with some cyber fitness, which was enjoyable. It was one of the activities were you could relax and have fun. Unlike everybody else I tried to do some of the moves.

The day was filled with fun, laughter and teamwork. We all supported each other throughout the whole day.

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