Sunday, September 23, 2012

Social 2012

“10 minutes left!”, I exclaimed. As I was dressed within the theme(NZ Olympic Sports Team) I was ready to go. Entering the Yr 7 & 8 Social, my eyes widened with fascination, the lights were the center attention of the hall. Running the Social I was accompanied by the other fellow prefects, Selena, Toreka, Sylvia, Joe and Samson.

The night was still young and the social had just began. Minutes later the hall was full with music pumping. All around I could see people dancing to the music, under the shimmering lights.  

A popular song request was made after the crowd demanded it. It was no other than the one and only ‘Gangam Style’. As soon as the song played everyone began to get hyped and started dancing.

A dougie was held and as usual only one can win. With the many entries, we lowered it down to two. With the contestants giving it their all, I could see it was a tough competition. The winner was declared...Nezinli(boy).

But as usual everything must come to an end. After the social I was asked if there was going to be another social, I smiled with a cheeky grin and walked away.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post Mino. It was exactly what happened! You and your team of prefects did a very good job on the night. I like how you all made sure all the students were in good spirit and enjoyed the evening. Looking forward to your next event. Well done MIno.

  2. Hey Mino,

    I enjoyed reading your post about the social because you made me felt like I was there again. But why did you put boy next to the name Nezinli? Besides that, keep writing fantastic posts!!!

    Your Sincerely Jarna


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