Wednesday, March 10, 2010


2010 feels like a NEW start. I feel like I am still in room15 but I am still getting use to being with my new teacher, the one the only Miss Garden. I have been with Miss Garden before so that's good.

I am in room17 with all my old friends,that is the thing I like the most. I have made brand new friends in room17 though. I really am enjoying time with my new friends.

Room17 is cool I am a year six now, I have been wanting to be a year six for years finally I am.
Year six feels like you are top of the world not really but close too.

Its pretty cool me and my best friend Toreka got a new job, guess what it is? The tuck shop monitors. Me and Toreka applied for the job last year and we got it. I really like it , the one thing that is cool is that you are doing it with your friend. We are really enjoying it both.

I am glad that I am year six now. I like the new year, I also like the fresh start that we have all made.

By Seini-Mino

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  1. Hi Seini Mino,
    It's usually good to finally arrive @ something that you have looked forward to - I hope year 6 is a great year for you.
    From Mrs Clarke


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