Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Highlight's

Hello everybody,I am going to tell you about my highlight's of the term. In fact I think this term has gone by really quick.

The highlight of the term for me was... Feeling like what it would be being a year six. I have enjoyed my couple of weeks here at Point England school, It was really great being a BIG year six. I just can't wait until next term, I wonder what other fun things we will do next term? I think we will be studying about food next term.

The video conference with D'Wayne Edwards was so cool. D'Wayne Edwards is the one of the head designer's for Nike. That video conference was amazing. He encouraged us and he never gave up he kept on trying and trying that's what he told us. That really inspired me to do better in everything.

Camp was actually the was the most enjoyable highlight this term. I felt like what it would be if I was Captain, yes I said it, a captain. When I found out I was captain I was so shocked with amazement,after I found out I thought I would be ready and show all the people I can be a great captain. Those three whole days being captain was a dream,that was just a privilege.

My goals for next term is to do well in my Writing and my Maths. I think I can achieve them by the end of next term.I have had a great term here and I can't wait until next term.

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