Friday, March 5, 2010

Van Gogh

What a tragic artist Van Gogh was, his feelings we could reorganize in his paintings all the sadness inside his heart. Van Gogh had used dark colours when he was sad, and bright colours when he was in a happy mood but the sad thing was he never smiled, He expressed his feelings though his own paintings .

Nobody thought his paintings were good enough the people said bad things about his paintings,Van Gough had a sickness which was depression. One day he was so mad he had cut off his own ear, It was really sad because nobody understood him.

This is me sketching one of his self portraits.

Lately, our class has been learning about the famous artist, Van Gogh. In his pieces of art,its as if the colours dance across the canvas like flickering fire, burning in the landscape. You can see a sense of movement in the impressionest's art.

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  1. What a tragic story his was! But Van Gogh left such a legacy with his now very famous, art works.
    Which is your favourite painting?
    Miss Garden


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