Wednesday, March 24, 2010

D'Wayne Edwards

As you are all about to hear it, the extension group and I had a video conference with...D'Wayne Edward's, how cool is that! If you don't know D'Wayne Edwards he is one of the head designer's for Nike (the shoe design company), If you are shocked I was at first too.

The video conference was on Friday, wait for it.... after school! I know it's just not fair. That wouldn't stop me though. I come in here as on as possible, and we were on in ten minuets.

We had started and I sat there listening very well. He told us that he had kept a card in his wallet, which his mum gave to him when he was little, he is too emotional to read it because his mum had passed away. The card talked about believing in yourself and never give up.

D'Wayne told us his life story. When he was seventeen he entered a drawing competition and he came first, the real sad thing was that the prize was a job and the managers of the competition said that he was to young

That video conference told me that to never give up. I can't wait until the next video conference with D'Wayne.

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