Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Graphs and much more!

This data was collected by me. I collected this data... How?
Well I first made a form and sent it to everyone in the whole class (room 20). They filled the form out, and their results were sent had been sent back to me.

So I calculated up all the results and made 2 different types of graphs. As you can see I made a variety of options, but only one came first and that is the mighty BIG MAC (23.8%)!
In second place was the BK (Burger King) . Third place was the, Bacon and Egg Mc Muffin, A KFC burger and a Homemade Burger, their precentage was 9.5%.

That is only first, second and third place. So from this information I can tell what are room 20's favourite burgers.

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