Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Camp TC

Camp TC

“Ohhhh how I love morning runs”, I said sarcastically as I sat down in line ready to run. “Girls you can start to run now”, Mrs Nua said, I wasn't really tired oh well come to think of it I was really tired. I was jogging very slowly, like I didn’t even care. Finally I got to the end . I was so excited but the stink thing was that the group I was in (Carez) were serving breakfast, how could this get any worse I thought to myself. GREAT, Sugar and milk was all over my arms and hands.

Camp was was starting off as a shambles at first, but I thought to myself another three days of this wont hurt me, will it? Oh no whats next Kayaking, at that moment Ms Tito announced ,”Carez your going to Kayaking next”, that was the one thing I did not want to do at camp. Here we go again I thought bad luck was haunting me today.

Feeling the sand in between my toes felt really nice. Getting in to the nice, cold, fresh water made me happy and it felt like bad luck had vanished. I was so surprised to see that there were kayaks for two people. I was so excited to get in to the new kayaks for two people.

It was a bit nerve racking at first because there were two people in the same kayak, Sylvia told me to calm down, so I did. 10 minutes in to kayaking and I was too freaked out I was saying, “ What if we tip in a very deep part, and what if the waves push us beyond the green pole”, I was having a nervous brake down.

“One,two three”, that was the sound of me paddling.I finally calmed down, I found the cure at last. I got the hang of it now, It was very easy now that that I got the hang of it.

We spent about an hour in the water then me and Sylvia went for a little swim. I enjoyed half of that hour.


  1. Hey Mino,
    I really liked your post. I hope to see more posts in the future. The part I mostly liked was the paragraph about Rock up. KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITING MINO :)

  2. Heey Mino!
    I really liked your story,
    Because you put a lot of detail into it plus you said what you liked.
    So that was a brilliant story and I cant wait until you post more story's in the future.

  3. Well done Seini-Mino. I enjoyed reading your story!


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