Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tech at Tamaki

We chattered excitedly as were getting ready to walk to Tamaki College.
Walking out of Point England school and in to the paths of G.I . Me and my group were walking to Tamaki College for our very first day at tech.

While walking at the back of Mr Barks, I had to pick up the paste and walk at the same speed as him, it was a bit annoying. I said to Mubasshira, “Mr Barks walks so fast doesn't he”, Mubasshira agreed with me.

We finally reached our destination at last. Looking around a bit lost I just stood in line for about 10 minutes. The teacher that was going to teach us was the lovely Mrs Heka. We went inside the cooking class, all I could hear was oohhh and ahhhs.

We first had to get wash our hands and put an apron on. Me and Muba (Mubasshira) really wanted to be in the same cooking team, and we were. The thing we were cooking on that day was Chelsea Buns. It was really fun. First we had to get out the utensils and equipment out. Then Mrs Heka gave us a few instructions to do.

Just about 20 minutes in to cooking, we were melting butter, getting scone mix, holding measuring cups, measuring things and holding GIANT bowls. 10 minutes after that we had to rinse the dishes and wash them, then pack it away. In a few hours our Chelsea Buns were cooked and delectable.

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  1. Yes they were a delectable treat Seini- Mino. It's great to hear that you enjoyed your first Tech experience. Have you made some for your family at home?
    Just remember to proof read carefully before you click post.
    Mrs Nua


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